I believe you have unique, much-needed gifts to offer through your career. No matter what your career has looked like so far, you have strengths that desire to be expressed in the world through your "right work," meaning: the work that is best suited to you. Despite what you may have been told, you don't have to work yourself to the last nerve. You don't have to be "lucky" or "special" to have a vibrant career.

The modern workforce is changing. People are demanding worklives that are actually enriching, not depleting, and organizations – the smart ones—are starting to listen. What we're collectively learning is that when we're attuned to our strengths and able to express them in a safe, creative environment, not only do we thrive, but we lift up everyone around us.

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Hi! I'm Megan, and I've devoted my work to supporting insightful professionals who know they want to contribute and receive more in their careers. I'm so glad you're here.

I'm an intuitive career coach who gets to guide people like you toward creating a life that gives full expression to their inner vision and higher purpose.

Using a blend of traditional coaching practices and spiritual components, I help clients intuitively uncover and tap into their strengths, recognize and trust their inner voice, and cultivate a renewed hope that
work can (and should!) be invigorating, dynamic, and life-giving. You can start your journey by following my blog or partnering with me to create your own wild new work.

Intuitive Career Readings

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An Intuitive Career Reading is like receiving acupuncture on your career: it's precise, it's fast, and it gets things moving again. Using meditation, astrology, the Tarot, and my ability to see patterns and themes, I provide you with insights into what's working in your career, where things could be stuck, and how to step into greater alignment.

An Intuitive Career Reading includes:

  • 90 minutes of my meditative and analytical work using information based on your date of birth and a Tarot spread I create and interpret on your behalf;
  • A beautiful document with photos of the Tarot cards that came up for you, interpretations of the cards, important themes, and specific next steps you can take to manifest change in your career;
  • A private link to a 20-minute audio recording in which I describe your reading in detail.

Here are some kind words from someone who has experienced this process:

"This process, while simple on the surface, was a profound experience for me. The tarot reading proved eerily accurate in identifying the crossroad I find myself at in working to embrace who I am and who I want to be in my career and community. Megan's thoughtful interpretation and gentle affirmations throughout the reading made me feel supported and empowered to lean into this journey of discovery with greater energy and conviction." - Erica B.

If you sense that change is afoot in your career but you aren't sure what it's going to take to get closer to your best work, I invite you to engage in this process with me!

To proceed, you can:
* Schedule your Intuitive Career Reading here for $100

* Schedule an Intuitive Career Reading + 60-minute follow-up coaching session here for $200

What Folks Are Saying: 


"This process was invaluable for me. I started working with Megan at a critical time in my professional development, and she was so supportive through the entire process. Not only was she accommodating for our scheduling arrangements, but she was flexible in guiding me through the coaching stages, always meeting me where I was - not where I "should" have been. She was very careful to provide a safe environment to explore without judgement. Perhaps most important, Megan reminded me of the connection we have to each other, to nature, and to the seasons; there are forces bigger than all of us that we need to honor, and Megan's gentle reminders of this helped me feel centered, grounded, and connected to my world. I cannot recommend Megan highly enough as an honest, nurturing, and supportive coach. Thank you, Megan!"

- Vanessa B.

"I was at a point where I knew something had to change, but needed to talk through my ideas, options, and dreams with a professional. Megan's programs really forced me to take a step back, take stock of what is important to me, and explore what type of work I would thrive in. While her exercises appealed to the nerd in me who truly missed doing homework, her sessions instilled an invaluable source of self reflection and compelled me me to cut through the weeds and move forward in a direction I'm happy in."

- Kate F. 

The "Soft Coaching" Process


Not everyone is ready for a full-on, deep dive into their career. Busy professionals, new parents, and sensitive people in general need some extra flexibility and space when pondering big questions about their inner gifts.

The "Soft Coaching" subscription is $13/week with no commitment, and it serves as a fluid, gentle frame in which you can explore what shifts are underway in your worklife. It includes weekly journaling prompts and my reflections about what you've written and what I see in your processing via a short audio recording sent to you.

If this intrigues you, visit the link below to learn more.

From the Blog:


I have a personal interest in renegotiating our relationship to work. You can learn more about me and my approach by clicking below. 

Interested in Collaborating?

One of my goals in 2018 is to do more collaboration than I've ever done before, especially with innovative folks in the work / career / labor space! I'd love to chat if you're interested in working together.