You don't have to stay in a job you hate. You don't have to work yourself to the last nerve. You don't have to be "lucky" or "special" to have a vibrant career.

The modern workforce is changing. People are demanding worklives that are actually enriching, not depleting, and organizations – the smart ones—are starting to listen.

I work with insightful professionals who know they want to contribute and receive more in their careers.

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The "Soft Coaching" Process

Not everyone is ready for a full-on, deep dive into their career. Busy professionals, new parents, and sensitive people in general need some extra flexibility and space when pondering big questions about their inner gifts.

The "Soft Coaching" subscription is $13/week with no commitment, and it serves as a fluid, gentle frame in which you can explore what shifts are underway in your worklife. It includes weekly journaling prompts and my reflections about what you've written and what I see in your processing via a short audio recording sent to you.

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I have a personal interest in renegotiating our relationship to work. You can learn more about me and my approach by clicking below. 

Interested in Collaborating?

One of my goals in 2018 is to do more collaboration than I've ever done before, especially with innovative folks in the work / career / labor space! I'd love to chat if you're interested in working together.