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A Wild New Work

For many women, our relationship to work can get complicated.

Many of us experience tension - a sort of constant push and pull as we figure out who we want to be in the professional world. 

That tension can be a sign that we're at a crossroads.

Whether you know you need to make a change in your career or you just have a sense that something isn't quite fitting anymore, A Wild New Work is a place where you can focus on getting clarity.

Clarity about what needs to change.

Clarity about how you want to feel.

Clarity about where to go next.

In this three-week group coaching experience for women, we'll gather virtually to explore this question: What needs to happen in order to make work work for us?

That question will spark others, each of which we’ll discuss one week at a time:

  • Week 1: what does "A Wild New Work" mean for you?
  • Week 2: how can we tap into our intuition so that we have clarity and the strength to make the changes our souls are calling for?
  • Week 3: how do we integrate all of this in order to make changes that bring us freedom?

When we're working in alignment with our strengths and desires, we foster a sense of clear focus and vibrant energy.

A Wild New Work offers participants a chance to cultivate that alignment and see the fruits of it almost immediately and beyond the time we meet.

In addition to each of the two-hour sessions online, as a member of this group you’ll also receive:

  • One private coaching session with me 
  • A new network of women who also want more out of their worklives
  • A welcome gift mailed to your home that includes some aromatherapy, encouragement, and other magical goodness

Here's what some past participants have said about my workshops:

"Participating in the first A Wild New Work series was such an impactful experience! Megan is a supportive coach and uses her skills to help you integrate your professional life and personal life. The course content really helps you to visualize what your next steps are and what you truly want out of every area of life, not just work. Each week built on the last and I felt peace in letting my intuition guide me to where I really want to be. Following the series, I'm making some significant changes and 2017 will be a life-changing year as a result!" - Jenn T.

"I appreciate Megan's approach to facilitating. She has an inviting and calming presence that lends itself to creating an open and trusting environment. I feel re-energized after spending time in her groups and one-on-one." - Sarah S. 

"Megan's workshops will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. She puts a lot of care into creating a warm, open environment that is free of judgement while still encouraging thoughtful introspection. I left with some realistic, easy to incorporate tools into my daily life." - Julie M.

Intrigued? Read On.

If you’re a working woman who knows she wants to feel more whole at work but needs some help clarifying what steps to take next, then I invite you to join us.

Below, you’ll find more information about how to take the next step.


We'll meet from 10am - 12pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) on three Saturdays in February: the 4th, 11th, and 18th.

My intention is to create a space that feels like a mini virtual retreat for you. You can stay in your pajamas as we convene over Skype, and all the course materials you need will be mailed to you and/or available in our class portal online. We'll also be doing exercises that connect the group and make it an intimate experience for everyone.

If you don't feel very tech-savvy, fear not: I'll do everything I can to make this a joyful, easy experience for all of us!



This covers all of our course materials, the welcome gift I'll mail to your home, and a private coaching session with me (which costs $85 - $100 on its own).

Frequently Asked Questions:

: Aren't you, like, really pregnant? Yes! I'm due on March 7th, which is about two and a half weeks after our course ends. This is my first birth, and there's no reason to believe the baby won't be born on or after its due date. I'm really excited to offer this group to women one last time before I become a mother.

Q: What if I can't make all three sessions? I'd encourage you to wait until the next group is offered, then, which will probably be sometime in June 2017. Each session is so full, and your participation is so key, that it's imperative everyone can attend every time.

Q: What if I can't pay the $250 upfront? Let's talk! I want to make this group accessible for women, and I'm open to coming up with a payment plan that works for you. 

Next Steps:

There's only space for 10 women available, so I would encourage you to take action quickly if you're interested!

If you're wondering if this is the right investment for you, I'd be happy to chat for 20 minutes about where you are in your career and whether A Wild New Work is for you. I promise there won't be any pressure to sign up - it's important to me that the women who enroll do so joyfully and freely. You can schedule that free call here.

If you know you're ready to dive in, that's wonderful! You can simply click below to enroll in the course online and schedule your complimentary private coaching session.

Registration for this course closes on Friday, January 27th.

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