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Leveraging Your Strengths and Values to Create Positive Change at Work

Support staff in organizations often underestimate the power they have to influence others and create positive change. We all have the ability to do important, meaningful work that feels fulfilling to us, and in this workshop we’ll spend time aligning our unique strengths and values with the work we do each day. When we understand what makes us good at what we do, we’re much more equipped to develop effective and innovative strategies for our workplaces.

In this workshop, learners will be asked to examine their strengths and clarify the values that drive them to do what they do. From this place of strength and value, we’ll discuss strategies for influencing and partnering with members of leadership in our organizations. Through all of these exercises, we’ll each create a picture of the resources (internal and external) that are available to help us make a meaningful impact on our organizations.

I'll be presenting this workshop as part of Human.School in Portland on February 27th + 28th. Click below to learn more!