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Managing Your Energy and Focus at Work

  • SE Uplift 3534 Southeast Main Street Portland, OR, 97214 United States (map)

As a busy professional, you’re expected to manage a heavy workload, countless emails, the needs of your co-workers, and much more.

Despite your best efforts, it can start to feel like all the time-saving tricks in the world can’t help you. Building your energy reserves is actually much more effective than trying to manage each minute of your workday, but unfortunately, that's what most of us do when we're feeling overwhelmed. Over time, our professional development will start to suffer because we're trying to fix the wrong problem when we should be learning how to manage our energy and focus.

By managing our energy throughout the day and strengthening our ability to focus, it can feel as though time actually expands; what needs to get done is done, we’re able to think more clearly, and we serve our organizations at an even higher level.

In this highly interactive course, we’ll cover the top five energy drains for modern professionals and discuss where your energy is going each day (hint: it’s probably not going where you’d like it to go). We’ll also discuss and practice three effective means of strengthening your focus: Mindfulness, prioritization, and movement. Participants will leave with:

  • The knowledge of what their ideal workday would look like
  • A plan for how to make small but meaningful changes that give them more energy and help them focus in a busy workday.
  • Practice actually executing those plans together within our session so that they're more likely to really use the tools they've learned about.

It is possible to feel accomplished and satisfied at the end of your workdays. This workshop will be especially helpful to new managers, parents returning to work, and anyone feeling a bit frazzled. With the changes and awareness we’ll offer in this workshop, you can begin to feel less overwhelmed and more enlivened by what you do each day.

I'll be offering this workshop through the Portland Underground Graduate School (PUGS), and it costs $90 for individuals and $125 if your organization will be paying for it. Click below to register!


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