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Staying Whole in a Toxic Work Environment

Do you get home after work and feel like all you can do is heat up a frozen meal and turn the TV on? If so, this free webinar is probably for you.

When we exist in unhealthy and overwhelming work environments, our energy can feel completely zapped at the end of each day. Oftentimes, we’re left feeling like we don’t have the resources to attend to the things in our lives that really matter to us, like our relationships, health, and personal growth. Whether you have a difficult boss, needy co-workers, or are just feeling totally overwhelmed, this class will offer you concrete survival tools that you can use to feel protected, energized, and free.

In this intimate virtual gathering, we’ll cover:

  • How to avoid picking up all of the “yuck” happening around you so that you don’t take it home

  • How to effectively set strong boundaries at a pace that feels right to you

  • How to hear your own inner wisdom and act from a place of authenticity instead of obligation

You do not have to suffer alone in a toxic work environment. There are effective ways to protect yourself so that you can get healthy, balanced, and energized enough to see your path clearly again. 

If this topic resonates with you, you can register by clicking below!

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