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How to Move Beyond Fear of Change

All kinds of fears come up when we’re considering a change in our career: fear that we’ll end up right back where we started (or worse!), fear of what our peers and loved ones will think of us, and even fear of actually getting what we want and having to say ‘goodbye’ to our old lives.

The fears that come up can be paralyzing and keep us stuck in a cycle, job, or career that we know is no longer a fit for us. They also limit our ability to think expansively about our potential, which is why so many people move from safe job to safe job, only to end up miserable.

So how can we move through the fear to get closer to what we want?

In this free, 45-minute webinar, I’ll share some creative strategies to quiet the deluge of worry that might be entering your mind every time you think about making a change.

Participants will walk away with:

  • Information about what happens in our minds when we feel paralyzed by fear
  • My two favorite tools for working with that fear energy and moving through it
  • Clarity about what steps they need to take next in order to move forward in their career

What we want is often just on the other side of fear. If you know you need to make some sort of change but have felt crippled by confusion, indecision, or anxiety about what that would mean, I invite you to join me on this webinar.

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