A Gentle, Easy Way to Nourish Your Worklife

Not all of us need to take a rigorous deep dive into our careers, but we can all benefit from increased clarity, thoughtfulness, and right action.

The "Soft Coaching" subscription is a gentle, flexible support system that serves as a container for the changes you want to make in your career or the momentum you want to build toward something new. 

This is an ease-filled process in which you regularly receive journaling prompts that are aligned with the Earth's seasons and with the regular themes that I see for people on this path. There are 12 journaling prompts in total, sent out over the course of approximately four months.

In addition, you'll receive my reflections on what you wrote in sweet, gentle audio recordings of 10-15 minutes each. In these mini sessions, I'll share what I see in your responses, thoughts for things you may want to try or consider, and encouragement as you do the work of creating your new, brilliant path.

There's no commitment - you pay week by week, and we continue as long as it feels nourishing to you. 

I've seen really meaningful transformations take place in people's lives when they dedicate their loving attention to the creative spirit inside of them, even if it's only for one hour per week. Through this "Soft Coaching" model, I create that space for you and walk the path with you, gently noticing and celebrating your good work.

Here are the details:

  • Every week for 3 weeks at a time, you'll receive a series of short journaling prompts via Google Form, which you can complete on your own time. There's no requirement for how much or how little to write, and you'll never be judged on the quality of your writing - all that matters is that you're getting reflections out of your body and into form.
  • These prompts will be designed to get at the heart of your genius-cultivation journey. An outline of the themes for all twelve weeks is below.
  • As long as you complete your journaling within one week, I'll take time to read, reflect, and respond in the form of a 10-15 minute audio recording which will be uploaded to a Google Drive folder that's just for you.
  • Every month, one week is set aside as an "integration week" in which you're invited to catch up on response forms or take action toward the goals you're working toward. There will be no audio recording sent to you this week.
  • This process will repeat as many times as you feel like it's helpful, whether it's for the entirety of the 12-part process or only part of it.

The cost is just $13 per week, and you can cancel at anytime.

In the words of two Soft Coaching participants: 

"When I started a new job I was looking for an affordable mentor/coach. I enjoyed reading Megan's blog and signed up for Soft Coaching. The unique process with prompts and audio responses focuses my thoughts and with the responses is very tailored and relevant.  This style of coaching keeps me on target for my dreams and desires in a constant and supportive way.  Megan is part cheerleader, spiritual guide all with a solid HR background, so you are grounded in the real world but also have equal measure for your dreams." - Patty

"I originally learned about Megan through my local HR group and her work immediately resonated with me. Megan’s perspective, and her soft coaching program, is uniquely engaging. From the comfort of your inbox she reaches out weekly. In this “conversation” she helps you explore the depth of your assumptions and desires while also expressing gratitude for the space you currently inhabit. She does this through an alchemical blend of question/answer and intuitive engagement.

Responding to Megan's weekly prompts has been an insightful and supportive experience. I highly recommend checking out her soft coaching experience. After all, what have you got to lose?" - Audrye

If this sounds like a supportive way in which you can explore your own inner wisdom and the creative energy that wants to be expressed in the world, I invite you to try it out! 

Here are the themes for each week:

Week 1: Introductions                          Week 7: Values

Week 2: Authority                                Week 8: Aligned Action

Week 3: Thoughts                               Week 9: Strengths, Part 1

Week 4: Artistry                                   Week 10: Strengths, Part 2

Week 5: Grounding                             Week 11: Manifest

Week 6: Thresholds                            Week 12: Closing

To proceed:

You'll need to select a time slot below in order to enroll in the subscription, but we will not actually meet at this time (it's just a placeholder). Your card will be billed for the first week immediately, and you'll receive your first journaling prompt via email within one week after you've purchased the subscription. 

Common Questions:

  • Can I start and stop the Soft Coaching process? Yes! You can come and go at anytime. Your request will be processed within 48 hours.  
  • What if I fall behind on journaling prompts? That's no problem! You can either pick up with where you left off, or answer the questions in the current week's prompt. Either way, I'll record one audio response using whatever materials you've submitted.
  • Can I do the Soft Coaching alongside in-person coaching sessions? Of course! I'm willing to engage as much and as deeply as you'd like.
  • Will we meet in person or talk over the phone? No, we'll be engaging via your written responses and my recorded audio messages of love and insight :)