If you're a business owner or Human Resources professional, then you know how many members of our workforce are feeling stretched thin, burnt out, or totally disengaged. You're in a pivotal position as someone who can help support them to be their best selves at work, and I'd love to partner with you in your endeavor to create a more vibrant and healthy workplace.

I believe that most people want to contribute at a high level within their organizations, and I design my workshops to tap into that part of each of your employees. Using Nature as the guide, my workshops bring in the wisdom of plants, animals, seasons and more to shed new light on the issues that come up in our careers and in our organizations.

My style is interactive, and I use mediums such as facilitated discussion, video, and case studies to enliven participants and leave them with concrete tools they can use to improve their worklives. I also draw from the field of mindfulness and include short meditations and guided visualizations in most of my workshops.

You can uplift and energize your employees by offering them tools for staying grounded and integrating their work with their personal lives. I've conducted workshops on meaningful topics such as:

  • Future-proofing your career

  • Strengths-based career development

  • Work life integration

  • How to manage conflict at work

  • Using intention to manage time more effectively

If the members of your organization or association would benefit from learning how to enrich their worklives, I'd love to chat. You can contact me by clicking below.