If you're a business owner or Human Resources professional, then you know how many members of our workforce are feeling stretched thin, burnt out, or totally disengaged. You're in a pivotal position as someone who can help support them to be their best selves at work, and I'd love to partner with you in your endeavor to create a more vibrant and healthy workplace!

I believe that most people want to contribute at a high level within their organizations, and I design my workshops and coaching programs to tap into that part of each of your employees.

I work with organizations in three ways:

  • As an employee engagement consultant

  • As a career coach for your employees

  • As a workshop facilitator for company retreats, lunches, or trainings

As an Employee Engagement Consultant:

“Employee engagement” has become a buzz word in the talent development sphere, but too often the recommendations that come with it are gimmicky and ineffective. Employees don’t just want more snacks or toys at work, they want deeply meaningful things like trust, transparency, and autonomy. As a career coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of dissatisfied employees, and it’s given me insight into how organizations can do a better job of attracting and retaining the people who really want to do good work but are being stifled by outdated management techniques and bureaucracy.

My consulting style is collaborative and holistic, and I use techniques from the fields of biomimicry and permaculture to help my clients make sustainable changes. Here’s a peek into the process:

  • Observation. Before any changes are made, I take time to observe. How does the workplace culture look? What does it feel like to be there? Who has power, and who doesn’t? Where is there good flow and where is there stagnation?

  • Small Shifts. What we know about change on a personal level is that tiny shifts add up to big change. This is true for organizations as well. I’ll identify and help you execute tiny, no-cost changes that will begin to grow into deeper and more sustainable engagement among your employees.

  • Cycles of Reflection. As we make those small changes, we’ll notice what happens in your organizational ecosystem. If, after making these small shifts, it appears that more foundational or structural work is needed, we can begin to explore issues such as your recruiting practices, onboarding, compensation structures, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and more.

  • Employee Empowerment. One of the things that makes my consulting practice different is my work as a career coach. When your employees feel like they are choosing to stay in your organization, they are more invested in the day to day work. I offer career development workshops and one on one coaching to your employees so that they get clear about what they want in their careers, how they get in their own way, and how they can be more impactful contributors.

If you believe this would be helpful to your company, please contact me via the form below.

As a Career Coach:

Everyone can benefit from coaching as long as they're willing to be self-aware and open to change. Employees are complex people who bring their histories, habits, and beliefs into work with them every day - for better or worse. Sometimes the issues that they need help with are deeper and more nuanced than what a manager or Human Resources professional can handle discussing, and it can be transformative to meet with someone outside of the organization who holds space for them.

I support employees in a number of ways:

  • By helping them break out of harmful working habits that keep them overwhelmed, frazzled, and exhausted

  • By helping them to clarify their "why" and reconnect to the drive that brought them to your organization in the first place

  • By working through their values and ensuring that their presence in your organization is still a win-win for both of you

  • By using my conflict management expertise to walk them through sticky communication issues

Depending on what you and the employee both feel would be most useful, we can design a program lasting anywhere from four to 12 weeks, and potentially longer if it's the right fit. It's really important to me that everyone come to the work freely and with joy, so I'm always happy to do a complimentary consultation with your employee if you feel that would be useful.

To learn more about working together, you can contact me via the link below!

As a Workshop Facilitator:

My style is interactive, and I use mediums such as facilitated discussion, video, and case studies to enliven participants and leave them with concrete tools they can use to improve their worklives.

You can uplift and energize your employees by offering them tools for integrating their work with their personal lives. I've conducted workshops on dynamic topics such as:

  • Strengths-based career development

  • Work life integration

  • How to manage conflict at work

  • Using intention to manage time more effectively

If your team members would benefit from learning how to enrich their worklives, I'd love to chat. To set up a free consultation, you can contact me by clicking below.