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If you're here, then my guess is that you want a lot more out of your worklife. You know you want to feel more energized, fulfilled, and creative in your career, but aren't sure how to make it happen.

There's no shortage of job-search related resources out there. You've probably received a ton of advice about what you should do with your career, whether it's from your peers, loved ones, or "experts." Maybe you've got a library full of career books or have exhausted yourself making pros and cons lists for different career paths.

I've been where you are right now, and I know how painful, foggy, and hopeless it can feel.

A lot of the external information we receive is helpful, but that alone isn't going to get you into a career that is the best use of your unique strengths.

So many of us get lost along the way in our careers because we lose touch with our own internal guidance systems. We forget what it feels like to know what we need, to be sure of what we want, and to have confidence in our intuition. 

My goal is to help you reconnect with the part of you that knows what you're on this earth to do. 

Here are some of the questions I help people answer:

  • Am I good at anything?
  • How do I get out of a job I hate?
  • Is it possible to find work that's really meaningful to me?
  • Isn't work supposed to be hard?
  • This sucks. How can I feel better?

If you find yourself circling back to those questions again and again, it might be time to try something different. It might be time to partner with someone who believes in, makes room for, and trusts your inner wisdom. 

Coaching Benefits and Logistics

Benefits of Coaching: In my experience, the treasures of coaching lie primarily in the relationship that's built between us. In our society today, there's really no formal mentorship structure or opportunity to be seen and encouraged by someone we respect, and professions like coaching and therapy help to fill that gap.

 Photo courtesy of mystic mamma

Photo courtesy of mystic mamma

My role as a coach is to create a container in which you can look at yourself and your career honestly, explore your giftedness, and take risks that you might otherwise deem too scary. Career coaching with me is an ideal fit for people who:

- Are self-aware or are at least willing to take responsibility for themselves and the choices they make

- Have some sort of mindfulness or spiritual practice in which they regularly reflect, take stock, and connect with something greater than themselves

- Have been working for ~10 years and have some sense of what they no longer want to do

For coaching clients, I also offer resume and cover letter writing support, interview preparation, and salary negotiation support*.

If you know you need some support right now and see yourself reflected in these three statements, please read on! I'd love to connect.

Coaching Logistics: Most sessions are one hour long, and I also offer 30-minute "check-in" sessions for returning clients.

I work with people anywhere in the world, and we connect via Skype or the phone. For those of you in Portland, I'm also happy to meet in person if it makes sense with my schedule.

Ready to Schedule a Session?

Still Have Questions?

If you'd like to know more about my style of coaching or what the process is like, I invite you to schedule a free 30-minute Clearness Call below. On this call, we'll get to know one another a bit more, and I'll ask you about your career and what you're looking for from a career coach. If it makes sense for both of us, I can share more details about working with me and we'll take it from there.

If you'd like more of a sense of what it's like to work with me, you can check out my Love page!

*It's proven most beneficial for clients to have had at least one coaching session in which we discuss your larger career vision prior to diving into the nitty gritty of a job search.