Springtime Stirrings: Planting New Seeds in Your Career

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Springtime Stirrings Class Image w_ Text.png

Springtime Stirrings: Planting New Seeds in Your Career


We’ve been in the throes of Winter for a time, and now we can hear the early stirrings of Spring. We may not see anything above the ground yet, but life is awakening beneath the surface as plants begin to notice how the soil warms and softens.

Our bodies also awaken slowly, and rather than pushing and striving to reach new heights at this time of year, we can remain centered and rested while intentionally planting ambitious goals for the Spring and Summer of 2019.

By aligning our career development with the cycles of the natural world, we learn what it means to grow in a healthy way.

You will leave knowing more about your internal guidance system and where your intuition wants to take you in your career this year. Not only that, but you will also plant new intentions from a place of clarity and groundedness.

Specifically, this workshop will include:

  • The seasonal and astrological themes of the time between now and the Spring Equinox on March 20th

  • Guided visualizations to help you identify where you want to grow in your career

  • Information about how plants access the resources they need to grow and how you can do the same

  • Tools for how to set meaningful intentions and do the work to make them come alive in your worklife

Late Winter and early Spring are ecologically sound times to identify what we desire in our careers and begin to make it real. This class will support your holistic professional growth, and I hope you’ll join me.

Note: the digital link you receive via email after purchase will expire 24 hours after it is first downloaded, but the video and worksheet are yours to keep forever. You may want to save the file in a place that’s easy for you to access.

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