I grew up in a religious household and was very spiritually engaged from a young age. Like most kids, I connected deeply with Nature when I was outside and felt seen, held, and valued by Something larger than myself.

Image via unsplash

Image via unsplash

But after a spiritual crisis in college, I began a long, meandering walk in a desolate wilderness. Divorced from any kind of spiritual practice or cosmology I could call my own, I spent seven years making decisions I knew weren’t good for me. I was completely lost. What most people just describe as their “wild and free 20s” felt to me like a wasteland full of addiction, loss, and emptiness.

Of course, this was the same time when I started my career. My first professional decisions were informed by this lack of spiritual center, and so I ended up in jobs and organizations that may have looked good on paper but that never resonated with me on a deep level. Not having a new way to connect with Spirit or with my own intuition led me down so many painful paths in every area of my life, but especially in my career. It felt like nothing fit and that I wasn’t good at anything. It felt like all I had to look forward to was being a well-paid cog in someone else’s machine.

In the Spring of 2015, everything changed. With the help of a mentor, I decided I would try meditation. I cleared a little space in my office, lit a candle, and sat on the floor for 10 minutes trying to notice my thoughts. It was the longest 10 minutes ever, but afterward, I liked the way I felt. It felt like coming home, back to myself, back to the way things were supposed to be.

Soon I began adding things to an altar in my home, then I bought my first Tarot deck, then I began journaling again, and everything cascaded from there. Spiritual awakenings came regularly, and I began to feel integrated again.

It’s no coincidence that this is the same time when I began sharing my insights with people as a writer, coach, and consultant. In my experience, until we connect with our intuition - in whatever way makes sense to each of us - we will feel lost in our careers.

Once we’re attuned to our own inner knowing, the path ahead becomes much clearer. Then, it’s just up to us to keep taking the right steps forward and deepening our trust in ourselves and in the Something that holds us.

image via unsplash

image via unsplash

Some of my accomplishments since walking down this path have been: serving hundreds of thoughtful professionals in Portland and beyond via workshops and career coaching, speaking at local organizations on topics like Work Life Integration and Conflict Resolution, and consistently growing my blog’s readership year over year.

I have a Master’s degree in Conflict and Dispute Resolution from the University of Oregon School of Law and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Seattle Pacific University. I’m also a certified Professional in Human Resources and ascribe to the Co-Active Coaching Model. If you'd like more information about my work history, you can check out my LinkedIn profile here.

In my coaching practice, workshops, and writing, I incorporate spiritual components such as Tarot, astrology, and spiritual ecology. I believe Nature is our greatest teacher, and I aspire to build a business that is ultimately a source of healing for the Earth and all living beings. I still feel far from proficient, but I am learning how my work can be an anti-oppression / pro-social justice endeavor instead of another vehicle of spiritual bypassing or white supremacy.

In addition to my practice, I collaborate with three wonderful organizations. I serve as a Job Recruiter for Pro Mama, a company helping to connect moms with high-quality, family-friendly work and as a Senior Career Transition Coach with ICC, an outplacement firm committed to the improved treatment of employees in today’s work environments. I also share office, heart, and head space with the incredibly creative women at Works Progress Agency.

I live in Portland, Oregon and work with people and organizations from all over the United States. I have a loving partner named Chris who works as a Mental Health professional, and together we have a beautiful young daughter named Wyette. You can follow me on Instagram to see the comings and goings of my daily life.

If my story resonates with you or if you believe you could benefit from working together, I invite you to read more on my blog, sign up for my email newsletter, or consider coaching with me.